In 2047, an accident at the newly built Superscalar Mass Collider reveals a whole new world of physics: Hyperspace. With hyperspatial physics come cheap and clean power, artificial gravity, and the promise of faster-than-light travel.

But just as the door to the stars is thrown wide open, disaster strikes. In 2068, an expedition unearths alien machinery on Mercury, setting in motion a chain of events that will render Earth uninhabitable within a few short decades. Humanity now has a very pressing need to evacuate their homeworld, and great ark fleets set out to carry mankind to safety.

Far away from the cradle, humanity establishes new homes, new cultures and new nations.

This is the 25th century CE, but few know it as such. To most inhabitants of human space, it is the year 400…After Exodus.

. . .

400 AE is the current title of a campaign setting that has been WIP for a very long time now. In its very first incarnation it was based on the world of the Master of Orion games, and some elements of that still exist (the alien races, mainly). Aside from that, there’s a rather extensive list of inspirations, from computer games through TV and cinema to novels and comics. The goal is a space opera setting that should feel familiar to any fan of the genre, while also retaining enough of a unique flavor to be distinguishable from the ‘competition’.

400 AE